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Fertilizer Applications

Do I need to be home when you make applications?
Will the applications damage flowers, gardens, or other desirable plants?
NO. We employ only certified applicators. They apply weed control with low pressure equipment in droplet form, keeping harmful sprays away from desirable plants.
Will you call me in advance before making an application?
Normally, we do not call in advance unless there is a specific reason for it, such as pets that are on the lawn when you are not home or to have a gate unlocked.
Will rainfall ruin the effectiveness of the application?
NO. Rain actually helps the fertilizer, insecticide and pre-emergent by activating them. Broadleaf weed control is normally not reduced by rain unless heavy rain fall occurs immediately following an application. if rain occurs and weeds are not dying after 2 weeks, call us and we will re-apply the broadleaf weed control at no additional charge.
Why are repeat applications of weed controls necessary during the year?
Broadleaf spray controls only weeds that are up and actively growing. They do not prevent weeds from germinating. Broadleaf weeds germinate at various times of the year, depending on their life cycle, (warm season vs. cool season weeds) and favorable germinating conditions. Also, certain hard to control weeds require more than one application to achieve effective control.
I have had your first application, STEP 1. Why do I have dandelions?
Dandelions are perennial weeds. The pre-emergent in Step 1 only controls annual weeds.
When is the optimum time to apply the Early Spring application?
Our program has been designed to give you the same superior results whether the first application is made March 1, May 1, or anytime in between.
Why don't you control Tall Fescue and other perennial grass?
There is no effective selective control for perennial grass weeds. Any chemical that will kill perennial grassy weeds effectively will also kill your desirable lawn grass.
How long should it take to make an application to my lawn?
Our sprayers and spreaders are calibrated to apply the correct amount of material when 1,000 square feet is covered per minute. The average lawn should take ten minutes.
Why do you use Slow-release Nitrogen?
Each application of granular fertilizer to your lawn contains coated Slow-Release Nitrogen. Coated nitrogen provides these benefits for your lawn: Even growth and color throughout the season; Helps avoid excessive surges of growth which increases mowing and reduces the turfs resistance to heat, drought, and disease; Prevents bum (dehydration of the lawn during hot dry periods); and keeps nitrogen from leaching out of the root zone.
Struyk Turf is a continuing service, what does this mean?
We are a continuing service, this means that Struyk Turf will continue to service your lawn year after year unless we are informed either in writing or by calling the office to discontinue service. The only part of the service that is continuing are the Steps 1,2,3,4, and 5. Optional services are not carried from year to year and need to be ordered by the homeowner each season.